Telephony (what ?)

What is Telephony ?

Technically, it means something that allows people to talk long distance. So it covers a wide range of methods.

Most people have three options;

  • Landline - the original service that uses electrical impulses to run over the copper cables on the telephone poles. Still usually works, if the electricity goes out.
  • Cell Phone - the cell signal comes from a tower on the mainland.
  • VOIP- Voice Over Internet Protocol (what?) which is telephone over your internet.

In our analysis, VOIP might allow you (only if you want) to switch your landline to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) through your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Switching your land line phone to an internet phone.

If you ever want to do this - make sure you can keep your land line phone number. 

So, you might want to check how much you pay for your landline as there may be savings if you bundle it in with your internet plan.

 However, if the internet goes down, so does your phone and you want to take this into consideration, if it is your only phone.

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