Public Meeting -with Mark Ouellette -Axiom President

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The Board of Selectman approved a public Broadband meeting.

The Hall

Saturday August 11

4:00 PM

Joining us will be Mark Ouellette, president of Axiom.

We will be showing our video and Mark will be available for any of your questions.

We plan for this to be a short meeting with lots of information.

Hope you can join us. We want everyone to feel that they know enough to make decisions about Chebeague's Internet Future.

If you haven't seen the video, just click this link. It's about 17 minutes long but we've tried to pack it with information.

Thank You

Educational Video - see it here

The Broadband Committee wanted to get as much information as possible to as many people as possible.

So, we put together this video, and the Board of Selectman has approved it.

We've done our best to be accurate in explaining technology, estimated costs and future uses of the internet. It's a little long, but there's a lot of information you should know.

It's about 17 minutes long but we've tried to pack it with as much information as we could.

Thanks for watching it.

Click this link


This again !?

We have published this before but we still meet people who haven't seen it.

Please pass this along

The Maine Broadband Coalition,, supports the expansion of broadband to communities throughout Maine as a bridge to the future. Far from being at the “end of the line” up here in Maine, we see ourselves at the center of everything. Broadband helps make that connection.

Real Life Situation

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As I became involved in the Broadband Study Committee, I became fascinated with the range of issues that were impacted by a truly enhanced bundled broadband internet service.
Of course, email, phone and TV are primary but understanding of how business, education and telehealth for those interested in "aging in place" especially on an island has affected me firsthand.
I've been aware for a while about the future use of interactive connections between medical personnel and patients with out having to always go to a medical office or facility, but assumed it was for mostly urban areas, but its everywhere now.
After recent heart surgery, I had to be fitted with an heart monitor whose sensors attached to my chest constantly transmit data constantly to a national service.
That is, it would, if there was a consistent strong signal through the telephonic device.
The unit stores all data to eventually be downloaded when the 30 days is up, but the ability of the service to alert me to a pending a emergency based on the information they're receiving is seriously compromised.
So for all us who are trying to age in place it is another reason to strongly consider the need to upgrade our island to a truly sustainable improved fiber based broad band service to every home and business on Great Chebeague.

Ron McKinnon (chairman of Broadband Committee)

Things are Happening

Well, a lot has been happening with the Broadband Committee and the Board of Selectman.

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  • BBC (Broadband Committee) developed "Executive Summary" for Board
  • Last week there was a public workshop, including Mark Ouellette of Axiom for a roundtable discussion of Public/Private partnerships, hardware, future uses of Internet, copper vs. fiber.
    • This week, Mark returned for additional discussions.
    • The selectman authorized up to $5,000 for Axiom to commence a "Pole" audit. 
    • Poles are the typical (but not the only) method of running fiber. The first step is to count poles and determine condition.
    • BBC is developing plan for Axiom of other "next steps".
    • BBC formulating Public Outreach program (yes we'll be looking for a few volunteers to donate a few hours of time) to make sure Chebeaguers know more about this process.
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