Just thinking


Two things struck me this week.

One was arriving at Cousins on the 8AM ferry from Chebeague.

For reasons of age, I usually watch my feet very closely and don’t look up much.

But, I couldn’t help but notice about twenty trades people waiting to travel to the island.

The other was, thinking back to my early days as a Summer resident.

Our pubic transportation was Smitty’s lobster boat and the Cousins Island lot.

Its pretty easy to see that the island has changed a lot.

And, that it’s continuing to change, rapidly.

Some like it and some don’t.

Chebeague’s population is one of the oldest communities in Maine.

The Broadband Committee thinks that fast, reliable, modern internet is a great tool for the future.

Helping our incredible year round population regenerate and keep up with the rest of the world.

Allowing new families to move and possibly work here.

Please contact our selectmen and let them know how you feel about broadband.