Broadband Workshop Jan. 26

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The following presentation is a recap of our recent workshop at the hall with 3 selectmen and a very engaged citizenry.

We really want to thank all that attended and hope others will be able to “attend” by watching this.

The Broadband Committee has worked for 2+ years through hundreds of hours. This is the best comprehensive expansion for technology available for our small island at a more than competitive cost.

We have provided throughout this effort our blog which has given the project transparency and provided an outlet for feedback and input.

We now face the hard part of trying to find funding. We'll continue to research and apply for any grants available. We are facing stiff competition for grants.

This will take commitment from us as a requirement to be considered.

As you’ll hear, Herb Maine,  Chair of the selectmen, has committed to exploring this through their capital budgeting process.

We cover a lot of topics

  • Cost to the town and taxpayer

  • Possibly funding sources

  • Monthly subscription costs and service benefits

  • Alternative Technologies

  • Future Uses of the internet

Thank you again for watching this.

Viewing Notes

  • Slides begin at about 4 minutes. Just talking until then.

  • Around 20:40 minutes there is a Correction - Fairpoint did not install fiber to the home. They have only suggested enhancing the present DSL system.

  • Around 50:00 there is a Correction -$300,000 is not the Median home price but rather an estimate that should capture Many island homes

  • The Basic Axiom 25 plan would be 2-5 times the speed of typical present average speed. It would be far more reliable and speed would not reduce in Summer.

  • If you have to pause the video - just note the time and pause. If you lose the connection, you can get back by clicking the button below and scroll forward to your time.