Poles, poles, poles

telephone pole.jpg

Axiom's proposal contained some innovative cost saving concepts.

We started this effort thinking the only way to work was, with poles.

Turns out, a significant cost savings (hundreds of thousands of dollars) might be available using conduit (fiber inside) - laid on/in the ground.

Poles require:

  • Making poles ready to accept hardware
  • Repairing some poles
  • Replacing some poles
  • Taking responsibility for repairing what you hang on the poles (way up high)
  • Annual license payment to the pole owner.

So, some communities are running fiber, where appropriate, through a very thick plastic conduit. Schedule 80 which is much, much heavier than PVC pipe you're familiar with.

  • It can lay on top of the ground
  • Can buried 4" or so.
    • Can be micro trenched
  • More accessible for repair (not -way up high)
  • Better protected against Winter ice storms etc.
  • Conduit can be laid by Islanders and local contractors with final connections made by professionals.
  • The communities call these "Fiber Saturdays"
  • No annual licensing fees.
  • Requires cooperation from land owners

Not that it is the perfect solution but -it is another technique to consider