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Download is when you pull data from the internet

Upload is when you push data back through the internet (boring technical stuff)

Have you ever noticed your internet suddenly slows when someone else comes to your house?

It might be that a cellphone or other device is trying to upload the pictures it just took.

And, with DSL, when another device is trying to upload - your download can drop drastically. No one seems to be able to explain why to us but it is a fact of life with our present DSL and copper lines.

Most of the time, people are downloading as in streaming a movie.

Uploading is usually small as they are emails etc.

But people who telecommute to their work from home - quite often need to upload large files.

So, not only can they NOT upload fast enough but it slows down everyone else in your house.

And - you guessed it - with FIBER that doesn’t happen.

Not only are the upload/download speeds faster but -they don’t affect each other.

That’s why they call fiber “symmetrical” (ok, enough of the boring stuff)