Guerilla (or gorilla) marketing

We did a little "guerrilla marketing" yesterday at the Race and Parade and Picnic.

Lots of people interested. We gave out 100+ Survey sign up tickets.


  • Some people weren't aware that Axiom had purchased the assets of ( last year) and was one of the two (other is Fairpoint) Internet Service Providers
  • There were some questions about bandwidth promises. As this varies so much, around the island, we just wanted to make it clear that - this survey and engineering proposal, were to include everyone. The only acceptable solution, included everyone. 
  • Many people were genuinely interested in filling out the survey
  • some people very happy with present level
  • Some people had none/poor internet and were not happy.
  • Told many that, despite everyone's best efforts, there were some people that - had no internet.
  • Some people thought I was selling a third internet service (I switched my introduction to include " town of Chebeague") and said they were happy with Fairpoint or Axiom.
  • There is still a general feeling that one provider can have an advantage over the other. So, many discussions about "it's all the same pipes"  and "you can bing in a Fire Hose of data but you can only get so much through old copper wire. And, if your on the end of the piece of vermicelli (old copper wire)- it's not fun to be you.
  • Comments about slower Summer bandwidth
  • At this point, our main focus is to get as many people to fill out the survey. Plenty of time for technical discussions later.

Thanks for engaging - we look forward to your comments

The Chebeague Island Broadband Committee