Step One accomplished

Axiom to begin engineering study   

Axiom to begin engineering study


Wait - I missed step One ?

Step One was working with the Island Institute to request proposals from ten ISP (Internet Service Providers) for the Down Bay Technology Group (Chebeague, Long and Cliff)

We received three

  1. Axiom
  2. DWI
  3. Fairpoint

The proposals were put through a decision matrix and reviewed by all three committees and The Island Institute.

Axiom was chosen.

Step Two is just to provide an engineered plan of possible internet improvement options for Down Bay. 

This study does not mean we have chosen Axiom as our ISP.

Fairpoint will continue as an ISP for Chebeague.

When the study is complete, we can use it for Step Three - request for proposals for build out.

Our strategy was to combine the customer base of three neighboring islands to

  1. Share Costs
  2. Provide Redundant Back up options to each other
  3. Learn from each other about existing service and future needs.

We are happy to report that it worked. The Axiom proposal save substantial money.

Stay tuned to this blog for details

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