LD1516 -Follow the Money

You remember in a previous post, we mentioned about efforts to restrict town's rights. This is why we did that explanation.

One of our subscribers picked up on an article in this morning's Portland Press Herald.

Basically it is a bill to restrict Maine town's from building their own infrastructure

Here's the lead paragraphs.

AUGUSTA — Frustrated by a lack of high-speed internet access, dozens of Maine municipalities are working to build their own networks to attract business and spur economic development. But a bill under consideration in Augusta would make it difficult for them to do so.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Nate Wadsworth, a Hiram Republican, would impose stringent conditions that critics say would make it all but impossible for Maine towns and cities to build their own high-speed networks when cable and telephone companies decline to provide upgraded service.

Ron contacted Janice Cooper and this was her response.

Dear Mr. McKinnon,
You are probably referring to LD1516 which was the subject of a hearing yesterday. I agree that the bill will discourage broadband development and I will oppose it.
Thank you for your message.
Best wishes,

Late this afternoon, we received word that the bill had been withdrawn !

Click this for the PPH Article about the submission

Here's the PPH Article about the withdrawal