In Case You Missed this on Bev's Page

I thought I should mention that is still very much around. Axiom now owns the equipment and David Hill and I work for them and actually get a paycheck.

We have been very fortunate to have them step up when we needed them to. They continue to offer FREE internet to all the non-profits, do FREE education services, support our non-profits with donations and also took over giving FREE internet to the Town office, Town Garage, Administrator and the Police. Remember also that when a problem arises with your equipment and Axiom is not available you can call David and me (Beverly 939-9643) anytime.

I prefer at times working on the weekend so it is not a bother to me and sometimes problems can be solved over the phone. The email is not part of Axiom but is something David and I had supplied through a friend and have continued to offer it free to those who already had it. Many do not realize that we use the same copper telephone wires as any other provider and therefore can offer the same speeds as any other provider at comparable prices.