Selectman Approve Planning Funding

We are very happy to report that the Board of Selectman, unanimously approved $5,000 to fund a comprehensive plan.

Normally, a comprehensive plan costs between $25,000 and $100,000 -for each entity.

The Broadband Board felt that combining our efforts with other islands, would increase our bargaining ability.

So, a few weeks ago, The Island Institute arranged a meeting with Long Island and Cliff Island.

The plan worked as, through this collaborative, we secured a comprehensive plan, for all three islands for only $25,000.

The Island Institute contributes $10,000 and each island contributes only $5,000.

All three islands get separate plans and will also get added benefit or working with each other. This allows us to request proposals from a wide range of Internet Service Providers.

We very much appreciate the Selectman's quick response. It enabled us to  capture this opportunity of huge savings.

The work has begun. Thanks for your support.