Looking at Clouds from "Both Sides Now"

Multiple devices can link up to your Cloud

Multiple devices can link up to your Cloud

Lots of us use clouds to store data.

It a good place to store and share things with your other devices and other people.

Axiom Tech Support

Axiom Tech Support

Well, the other day, Axiom's top notch Tech Support helped with a problem which might be gobbling (couldn't resist) your bandwidth.

In this example, when you arrive home with your cell phone or Tablet and new pictures, they will want to jump on to your computer.  Then your computer will want to sync them to your cloud.

Or you use Dropbox or OneDrive or numerous other Cloud based storage sites and the same thing happens.

This activity happens in the "background" and you may notice slower bandwidth - when you're not actually "using" your computer.

There are utilities (Apple's Activity Monitor) which will show this happening in real time. (It's pretty exciting)

So......you may be receiving you're bandwidth, you just can't "see" it.

If you do have a computer gobbling up you bandwidth, you can either shut it down or temporarily shut off WiFi...while you finish your Netflix show ! Turn it back on when you go to bed and it will gobble up all the nocturnal bandwidth.