What planet are you talking about ?

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The FCC has a website showing how fast they think your internet service is.

The reason it matters is because these numbers determine if a community qualifies for funding.

As you can see from Senator King’s letter, there is very little confidence that these numbers are accurate. They largely come for the Internet Providers. If you go on the FCC’s website, you can see they think all of Chebeauge gets equal service. And they think it is faster than many people get.

So, the important take away is that - the only real way to test speeds is from each house. Data that travels through old copper lines is subject to loss, depending on how far the signal has to travel and - how good the copper is.

Here’s the Press Release

Here’s the Press Release

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"Hey - wait for me !"

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There is a lot of press recently about efforts to connect Rural America to the internet.

The big concern of rural areas is -that they are going to be left behind.

Many communities are unserved or “under” served. Even if they are connected, it isn’t fast enough for the future.

Federal and State governments are developing programs, to fund these efforts.

Click here to see the USDA Reconnect Community Tool Kit. (check out the first few pages).

But, the important thing is - in order to be considered for funding, the community has to be committed to the project.

Your selectmen need to know how you feel.

They are working on your behalf and need to know your priorities.

Voters, non voters, taxpayers, students, Summer residents. Please write to them.

Just click the button Email all the Selectmen, at the top of this page.

Broadband Workshop Jan. 26

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The following presentation is a recap of our recent workshop at the hall with 3 selectmen and a very engaged citizenry.

We really want to thank all that attended and hope others will be able to “attend” by watching this.

The Broadband Committee has worked for 2+ years through hundreds of hours. This is the best comprehensive expansion for technology available for our small island at a more than competitive cost.

We have provided throughout this effort our blog which has given the project transparency and provided an outlet for feedback and input.

We now face the hard part of trying to find funding. We'll continue to research and apply for any grants available. We are facing stiff competition for grants.

This will take commitment from us as a requirement to be considered.

As you’ll hear, Herb Maine,  Chair of the selectmen, has committed to exploring this through their capital budgeting process.

We cover a lot of topics

  • Cost to the town and taxpayer

  • Possibly funding sources

  • Monthly subscription costs and service benefits

  • Alternative Technologies

  • Future Uses of the internet

Thank you again for watching this.

Viewing Notes

  • Slides begin at about 4 minutes. Just talking until then.

  • Around 20:40 minutes there is a Correction - Fairpoint did not install fiber to the home. They have only suggested enhancing the present DSL system.

  • Around 50:00 there is a Correction -$300,000 is not the Median home price but rather an estimate that should capture Many island homes

  • The Basic Axiom 25 plan would be 2-5 times the speed of typical present average speed. It would be far more reliable and speed would not reduce in Summer.

  • If you have to pause the video - just note the time and pause. If you lose the connection, you can get back by clicking the button below and scroll forward to your time.

Email the Selectmen

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We had a great Broadband meeting last week with more than 50 people.

We recorded it and a movie will be available for online viewing.

We can’t thank enough, the people who attended and listened and laughed and spoke.

After two years of research, our committee has delivered a comprehensive plan for the Selectmen to discuss. There are still questions on details but here’s the thing.

In order for Chebeague to be considered for grants, the town has to demonstrate a commitment.

The Selectmen really need to hear from you. They are committed to discussing broadband but they really need to know what you think.

So, please speak to them or send an email.

You can click the button on the top of this page

It is really important

that they hear from you and

your feelings are represented.

Thank You

Broadband Workshop this Saturday 26th

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We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Broadband.

We’ve talked to a lot of people in the last two years and bottom line is -Chebeague needs your input !


  • Mark Ouellette - President of Axiom Technologies

  • Kendra Grindle - Island Institute Fellow

  • Chebeague Broadband Committee - Ron McKinnon, Bev Johnson, Chip Emery

  • Peter Rice -facilitator

  • Presentation will contain

    • Detailed costs

    • Funding opportunities

    • Next steps

    • Information on other communities and their efforts/concerns

    • Results of survey, Island Institute and outreach program

    • Future uses of the internet

  • Refreshments

  • Child Care provided

Starting at 9:00 AM Saturday 26th - at The Hall

We really hope to see you there for this very important issue !

Click here for our informational video which will help you better understand the discussions.

"the knee bones connected to the thigh bone"

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Download is when you pull data from the internet

Upload is when you push data back through the internet (boring technical stuff)

Have you ever noticed your internet suddenly slows when someone else comes to your house?

It might be that a cellphone or other device is trying to upload the pictures it just took.

And, with DSL, when another device is trying to upload - your download can drop drastically. No one seems to be able to explain why to us but it is a fact of life with our present DSL and copper lines.

Most of the time, people are downloading as in streaming a movie.

Uploading is usually small as they are emails etc.

But people who telecommute to their work from home - quite often need to upload large files.

So, not only can they NOT upload fast enough but it slows down everyone else in your house.

And - you guessed it - with FIBER that doesn’t happen.

Not only are the upload/download speeds faster but -they don’t affect each other.

That’s why they call fiber “symmetrical” (ok, enough of the boring stuff)

The Town of Pinetops

Here’s a video about a small town who took control of their broadband network.

Since, they had experience running their entire electrical system, they decided to own and operate their entire broadband system.

We are only talking about owning the fiber infrastructure. Axiom would provide the content.

But, there is a lot of information about the challenges of doing this and their reasons for wanting to own their own.

Selectman plan January 26th Broadband Workshop


At the Selectman’s Meeting last week, the Warrant to continue the Pole Study and the authorization to apply for a ConnectME grant did not pass.

But there was plenty of discussion about Broadband and it was clear that there were still questions to be answered.

So, the Selectman have set up a Broadband Workshop at The Hall on January 26, 2019.

Details are still developing but we want to cover all aspects of bringing better Broadband to Chebeague.

Please stay tuned for updates and please - contact us with ANY questions or opinions.

Please tell us what you want to know

Just email


Or leave a comment at (207) 619-3378.


Selectmen's Meeting Wednesday 7th-Broadband discussions


The Selectmen will be meeting to discuss two things relating to Broadband and your internet service.

1) Continuing a Pole Survey which would require a special Town Meeting

2) Applying for an infrastructure grant with ConnectMe

Mark Ouellette - President of Axiom (one of our present internet providers) will be there to answer questions.

Please join us at 6:00 PM on Wednesday November 7th at the Hall.